Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Lately, I have been in a dinner rut. Not sure what to prepare, and not planning. Flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I have veggies in the freezer, potatoes, rice and pasta in the house, but the protein, the main part of the meal, well, that is another story. I am never sure, beyond, Cassidy, Scott and myself, who will be at the table, nightly. There are times when Patrick is working, so we are 4. Then there are times when Daniel goes to his girlfriend's, so that makes us 3. For example, last night, we had the five of us, and Daniel's girlfriend. So we were 6, for those of you keeping up with the math! I had no plan going into dinner, so I ran to the butcher, bought their marinated chicken cutlets...they are yummy, cook fast on the grill, and we had a quick dinner. Tonite, I am stumped. I sit here thinking, what will go over well, what is fast, what can we do to make it interesting? TOnite at our house is literally insane. (Daniel has baseball for the school, at 630, drop off at 615. Cassidy has All District Orchestra, drop off at 630, and a Varsity football meet and greet the new coach at 7pm) So, what is a mommy to do? No fast food here, we just don't do that, I can't do that. I really am not a fast food person, once in a while I take Cassidy to lunch at Wendy's, that is a treat. Our fastest food is to go to the local Pizza parlor and have a couple of slices. I enjoy that, it is the place where Patrick works, and a family owned place, we are comfortable there, and the food is good. They have a variety of different types of pizza, even a Greek Salad slice! But I try not to make it a habit to go there, Pizza is not meant to be a steady diet.
So any way, back to my original dilema, what to do about dinner! I was good on MOnday, I made spaghetti sauce in the crock pot....dinner was ready in the time it took for the spaghetti to boil!
I love to cook, I just hate to plan! I plan everything else that goes on, I coordinate drop offs and pickups, I run everyone around, etc. SO planning dinner is a major chore to me, but somehow, I pull it out! Ah, well, will get planning, or at least thinking about it...No worries, everyone will be fed!


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